7 Jun 2010


OCPR is about communication management, and its core is interaction and building bridges. Organizations need open channels to exchange information with many different stakeholders about products and services but also points of view.

The field has developed much in the last decade and many may wonder who is ahead of the other: the academics researching new trends or, perhaps more likely, the communication experts in practice. I am convinced that new knowledge needs to be developed in cooperation.

OCPR will be most successful when based on a coproduction that involves staff, students and graduates. We can share experience and inspire each other. Our discipline is promising but not yet strong or big enough to maintain a clear identity and position without each others’ help.

Why would OCPR be a coproduction? It is good for graduates that employee organisations understand what the added value of communication is. It is good for the staff to be well connected. And it is good for students to hear experience of graduates.

Let us embrace this idea of a coproduction and enjoy the connections. Isn’t that anyway what our field is about: connectedness,

Marita Vos