29 Mar 2010


Change is in the air. Don’t you feel it? The snow is about to disappear and a new Spring and Summer will come. And also a congress, as 23-24 September we host the international Euprera congress in Jyväskylä. You also can be part of it. You are welcome both days or just Friday when alumni are especially invited.

In the last years the student association Comix has changed its name into Imago. And the staff also has a number of new names. I’m one of these new names, that came to Jyväskylä 3,5 years ago. I had two wishes when I came here. First, creating research projects that strengthen the group. Second, creating stronger ties of the staff with students and alumni. Of course such matters only work when undertaken together.

The first wish was granted when we got a research project about Crisis Communication that provides inspiration for 2 doctoral students and several master students writing a thesis about it. It strengthens our relations with public organizations. We also started a research project about Innovation that is good for business connections.

The second wish is not yet accomplished, but we are on the way. This blog is part of the renewed website of Yhteisoviestintä. The website supports our relations with students and graduates. Much comes together in this virtual space, you see information by the staff, and statements of graduates and students. We can do much when we cooperate.

Yes, change is in the air, and let’s see where it will bring us.
I hope for many inspiring meetings and moments,

Marita Vos